Why do more and more people choose PVC flooring?
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Why do more and more people choose PVC flooring?

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PVC flooring is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also has high-cost performance. Now many high-grade hotels, hospitals, gyms are paved with PVC flooring, the general public is not recognized in the end is not solid wood, and compared with the general flooring PVC flooring face value win. Now more and more people choose PVC flooring.

1. The four types of PVC flooring

2.The application of PVC flooring

The four types of PVC flooring

Locking floor as the name implies, is to use the physical floor punching groove out two buckle up, the tension is great, is the better floor, the thickness is generally greater than 3mm. can make stone pattern locking floor, can also do a variety of wood grain.

The back of the non-slip floor has a layer of printed backing non-slip film, without glue, it can effectively prevent the floor from moving. It is also a good choice. Remember to get the ground as flat as possible.

Dry bottom product paving needs to use glue while the backing product comes with glue on the back.

PVC flooring is super easy to install, you can do it yourself.

The application of PVC flooring

Small seams and seamless welding: flooring materials using hot-melt welding process to form a seamless connection, to avoid the drawbacks of more seams and easy to be contaminated by the floor tiles, to play the effect of moisture and dust, clean and sanitary. The special color of the block is installed by strict construction, the seams are very small, and the seams of special varieties are almost invisible from a distance, which is ideal in environments with high requirements for the overall effect of the floor, such as offices, or environments with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms.

PVC flooring Foot comfort: The dense structure of the surface layer and the high-elastic foam cushion layer are seamlessly processed to provide strong support, cushioning heavy glassware falling to the ground is not easy to break, ensuring a comfortable footing, close to the carpet, ideal for use in places with elderly people and children. And walking on hard flooring, the foot feels poor, long time walking will be sore and damage the foot bones. It is also very suitable for use in high-end hotels, hospitals, gyms and other scenes.

Solid wood flooring is also a good choice, however, really too expensive, but also has bad maintenance, too delicate. And laminate flooring and laminate flooring in the production process will inevitably add glue, long-term use will certainly have formaldehyde release, not good for the body. Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of environmentally friendly floor coverings. We have been producing PVC flooring for many years and have a complete range of products that can be purchased with confidence. All production processes are strictly regulated, and we can provide customers with relevant certificates, such as CE certification or SGS certification.

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