PVC Commercial Flooring

1.Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. Due to its high quality homogeneous material,     it has grade T wear-resistance. They can be used more than 20 years.
2. Anti-iodine,antibacterial, mildew, acid and alkali, suitable for operating rooms,                  schools, offices, railway stations and other places.
3. Excellent fireproof performance. The fire rating of homogeneous PVC flooring can          reach B1 level.
4. Anti-slip and waterproof , Its anti-silp performance reaches R9 .
5. No direction design, easy to install.The thickness of hot sale is 2mm.
6.Environmental protection. After testing by professional institutions, they are all 0               formaldehyde, without 205 harmful chemical substances.

PVC Sport Flooring

1. Shock absorption. Jumping to absorb damage and protect joints and muscles.
2. Vertical deformation.
3. Excellent resilience. Compared with concrete floor, the rebound is more than 90%.
4. Best gliding coefficient, which can avoid accidents.
5. Good waterproof, anti-slip, fire resistant and sound-absorbing properties.
6. They are very easy and fast to install and construct, no cement mortar is needed and      they are ready to use after 24 hours.
7. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor stadiums, gymnasiums and other places.




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PVC Dance Flooring

1. Soft and hard moderate, excellent resilience, to protect dancers from injury.
2. Dance flooring mostly in 2 mm-10 mm. 
   2 mm is suitable for stage performance, booth exhibition hall, theater and other places.
   3-10 mm is suitable for all dance places.
3. They have excellent waterproof, non-slip, fireproof, sound-absorbing properties.
4. They are very easy and fast to install and construct, no cement mortar, and can be          used after 24 hours.
SPC Flooring
1.Environmental protection and formaldehyde-free.
2. Ultra light and ultra-thin.SPC floor has a thickness of 3mm-12mm, and the weight per 
    square meter is only about 2-7.5kg, which is less than 10% of ordinary ground materials.
3. Super anti-slip, Wear-resistant layer has special anti-slip.
4. Fire prevention and fire retardant. The SPC flooring fire rating reached B1 level.
5. Waterproof and moistureproof. The floor surface is treated with special anti-bacterial and
    anti-pollution treatment, which has the ability to inhibit bacterial reproduction.
6. Easy installation. SPC flooring paving requires no special treatment, seamless stitching 
    directly on the leveling floor or old tile.
7. Can be customized.
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WPC Flooring

 1. Wear-resistant, non-slip, waterproof, fireproof, UV-proof, insect-proof,                              zero  formaldehyde, non-pollution, environmental protection.
2. It is suitable for home, urban construction and outdoor layout, including boardwalk,          horizontal deck, landscape deck, leisure deck, park square, swimming pool deck,            courtyard and all other outdoor places.
3. The polyethylene and wood flour used in this product is a high quality, recyclable             
material, and the resulting product is 100% recyclable.
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