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Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the production and sales of environment-friendly ground paving materials. With 20 years of experience in R&D and production and production and foreign trade team. Our company has the factory districand the administrative department of office function. The administrative district with six departments, as many as 90 people management team We have four factories and more than 200 workers.
Our main products are PVC flooring, SPC flooring, WPC flooring. PVC flooring is divided into two categories:commercial and sports. Commercial PVC flooring is mainly used in hospitals,kindergartens, schools and various integrated CBD areas, and even has wide applications in high speed rail and shipbuilding. Homogeneous permeable flooring is of the best quality with a service life of more than 20 years, which can be sanded and is suitable for medical systems. Sports PVC flooring is mainly used  in various courts, gymnasiums, dance studios and various outdoor courts.
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  Our Technical Research
    Taizhou Champion Flooring has a full set of advanced equipment that is comparable      to national laboratories in China. The company's R & D customization ability is very        high, for different countries market demand  we will launch new products regularly.
          B1 Class Fire Performance
         Anti-silp Performance reaches R9
          No Formaldehyde
          Sound absorption performance of 15db
          Colour Fastness ≥ 6
           Abrasion resistance grade T
Why Buyer Choose Champion ?
 Global Presence in over 150 Countries
We will launch our products into various industries and wewill set up warehouses 
overseas to further meet the needsof our customers in overseas markets.
 Good Product Quality at Bargain Prices:
The quality of our raw materials and production processesare strictly controlled. 
The same quality, in terms of pricewe have more advantages than the same industry.
Professional and Lasting Services:
All our salesmen have gone through professional training, ifyou have any questions, 
welcome to consult us 24 hours.
What We Stand For
At Champion, we put your satisfaction firstand we strive to provide you with the best quality productsthat will give you the results you want.

We make sure that all of our products are perfectly eco-friendly and safe for you, so we carefully design flooringproducts that are free from toxins and dangerousmaterials.

We focus on innovation and aim to get better and betterby creating new products and find ng new ways to improveand expand so we can reach people globally and create anew standard for flooring.
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