The way you can install PVC flooring by yourself

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Notes: If there are conditions, you can do pre-paving first, the flooring according to the order of the board number along the same direction towards the site, placed for more than 24 hours. Before laying PVC flooring, the ground must be flat and clean. And the site temperature should not be lower than 15.


PVC Flooring Adhesive
Double-sided Tape                             
Welding Rod                                       

PVC Flooring
 Installation Steps:


Step 1

Accurately measure the floor scale and cut PVC

 flooring according to the scale


Step 2

Pre-lay the PVC flooring on the ground and align


Step 3

Fold up one end of the rolled material. Gluing the ground 

and the back of the floor after cleaning it.


Step 4

Slotting along the joints after the glue has fully cured


Step 5

Selection of manual welding guns or automatic welding equipment for welding seams.


Step 6

Cut off the remaining bulge of the welding rod when 

the rod is semi-cooled.


 The final check paving effect when the PVC flooring installation is good, and then finally do an overall inspection of the floor, pay attention to see whether the PVC flooring bubbles paste whether flat, etc. If the floor bubbles do not matter, you can use the syringe to suck out the air inside and then use the scraper to flatten the floor. Eventually the cleaner or laundry detergent will PVC flooring residual traces of glue to remove clean.

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