The way you can install PVC flooring by yourself
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The way you can install PVC flooring by yourself

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PVC flooring is still used more in the family, especially families with children so that it is also a kind of protection, but PVC flooring is still quite cost-effective compared to another flooring. Users can install themselves after buying.

1.PVC flooring installation method

2. PVC flooring installation steps

Installation method of PVC flooring

The laying ground must be flat and clean.PVC flooring before laying must be unfolded flat in advance in laying the ground for more than 24 hours, and the site temperature should not be lower than 15 ℃. After the floor is restored, the cut should be left more than 5cm at both ends. before pasting, the unfolded floor will be reversed and rolled up about half, then scraping glue laying - from the middle - glue with a scraper with teeth for construction.

Line up in order of the number of the floor, align and merge, pay attention to the paving process to align the site line.

Turn over the two adjacent pieces of flooring along the combined seam, put the manufacturer's matching special connecting tape on the lower side of the combined seam, brush glue on the surface of the connecting tape, stick one of the boards to half of the connecting tape first, then stick the other half to the remaining connecting tape, and tighten the seam against it.

It is recommended to use water-soluble glue which is not harmful to the human body for construction. Floor paste with a cork block from the middle to the ends of the squeeze the floor surface so that the flat does not leave bubbles, the most thorough rolling flat.

To be PVC flooring paving sticky after the slotting, welding, welding after the weld line to shovel flat.

PVC flooring installation steps

Accurate measurement of the ground scale of the primary measurement of the required part of the ground scale must ensure its accuracy Oh, and then cut PVC flooring according to the scale. In the measurement to pay attention to the floor paving when the lap, butt, and trim, try to leave a larger scale for the floor.

Before construction, first deal with the ground substrate before the installation of PVC flooring, to remove the debris affecting the effect of paving, to ensure that the ground the clean. Or the ground will be clean, first, the ground on the oil and dust and sand are dealt with clean. If you see the ground is not flat, take a small shovel that will not flat orientation shovel flat, and then wait for the ground to dry. Wait for the floor to arrive, the PVC floor will be stored upright, forbidden to lie flat or stacked. If there are conditions, can first do pre-paving, the floor following the order of the board number along the same direction towards the site spread, placed more than 24 hours, so that the material memory recovery.

Floor glue preparation a tooth-shaped scraper, the first-floor glue on the ground, to pay attention to prevent glue condensation, it is best to apply a piece of direct paste a piece. In the process of coating, try to leave a 10CM width at the floor seam without glue, more convenient for future seam processing.

After the paving floor glue is applied, the hand can feel the stickiness, and then the floor will be aligned with the borderline, this time to start paving the floor. In the paving PVC flooring, while pasting then while using a long-handled brush to squeeze out the air and compact. When pasting all the floor, then use the overlapping cutting way to deal with the floor seams.

The final check paving effect when the PVC flooring installation is good, and then finally do an overall inspection of the floor, pay attention to see whether the PVC flooring bubbles paste whether flat, etc. If the floor bubbles do not matter, you can use the syringe to suck out the air inside and then use the scraper to flatten the floor. Eventually the cleaner or laundry detergent will PVC flooring residual traces of glue to remove clean.

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