Maintenance of PVC Sports Flooring

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In the use of PVC sports flooring, will be like the use of marble, tile, do not know the floor maintenance knowledge in the maintenance, thus causing PVC sports flooring breakage, pollution and other problems. Therefore, the following issues should be noted:

The Protection of PVC Sport Flooring


  Debris Protection

Place a debris protection mat at the door to prevent debris from being 

brought into the room and scratching the floor surface.


  Item Handling Protection

When handling items, especially when the bottom has metal sharp items, do not drag them on the floor to prevent the floor from receiving injuries.


  Smoke and Fire Protection

Do not put burning cigarettes, mosquito incense, electrically charged iron, hot metal objects directly on top of the floor.


  Chemical Protection

Avoid a large amount of water to stay on the surface of the floor for a long time, water soaked floor for a long time, may seep into the floor below the floor glue melting loss of adhesion, may also make the floor surface protection wax moisture layer caused by floor pollution.


  Sunlight Protection

Do a good job on the floor against ultraviolet radiation to prevent the floor from discoloration and fading.

PVC Sport Flooring Maintenance 

1.Regular floor maintenance: PVC sports floor cleaning using neutral detergent cleaning, can not use strong acid or strong alkali detergent to clean the ground.

2.Daily maintenance: cleaning the ground with a clean ninety percent dry mop, cleaning of serious pollution.

3.Monthly maintenance: ground cleaning, waxing treatment for locally damaged ground. Generally once a month for the ground waxing treatment maintenance for good.

4.Pollution treatment: PVC sports floor stained with ink, food, grease, etc. should be wiped off the dirt, and then scrub traces with diluted detergent, residual black leather shoe marks are difficult to remove when you can use a veil with pine perfume scrubbing, do not pour pine perfume on the floor cleaning, scrubbing to make up wax maintenance.


Cleaning Flooring


Waxing Treatment

Note: floor cleaning can not use cleaning ball, knife scraping, can not use conventional methods to clean dirt, please consult the relevant personnel, do not use acetone, toluene and other chemicals indiscriminately.


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