Homogeneous Flooring - The Best Quality PVC Flooring

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Homogeneous permeable flooring is a type of pvc flooring. The name, its structure is the same material composition from the surface to the end, even if the surface wears a layer, or the same as the surface.


Homogeneous Flooring Structure


● Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant

Due to its high quality homogeneous material, it has grade T wear-resistance.When the surface is worn out after many years of use, a professional sander can be used to polish the surface, and then a new shiny surface will be obtained. So they can last more than 20 years.

● Anti-iodine, Antibacterial, Mildew, Acid and Alkali

It can effectively prevent medical supplies such as iodine from dripping onto the floor and causing corrosion or damage to the surface layer, and is suitable for places such as operating rooms.

● Fire Retardant

Excellent fireproof performance. The fire rating of homogeneous PVC flooring can reach B1 level.

● Anti-slip and Waterproof  

Its anti-silp performance reaches R9 .When the ground is wet, it has very good anti-slip and waterproof performance ,when the patient is walking, it can better protect the patient's safety.


● No Direction Design, Easy to Install.

● Environmentally Friendly

After testing by professional institutions, they are all 0 formaldehyde, without 205 harmful chemical substances.

Anti-static PVC roll flooring:

It is made by a special processing process, and the formation of a conductive network between the interfaces of black particles has an anti-static function.

33f281ccb3db5df423a8242eeeff49fAnti-static PVC Flooring Structure

PVC anti-static flooring is generally used in telecommunications, electronics industry program-controlled computer rooms, computer rooms, clean plants, hospital operating rooms, flammable and explosive places and other requirements for purification and anti-static places.

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