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Bq Diamandear Commercial PVC Flooring-2.0mm Thickness with Cartoon Characters-for School/Kindergarten/Library


The feature of PVC commercial flooring

Product Description
1. Farflor PVC commercial flooring apply the most advanced European technology,which makes products with excellent comprehensive performance.

2. Excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning,adopting the special U.V coating.

3. Farflor PVC commercial flooring is representation of the variety of natural materials,which can demonstrate stone,metal and other abstract patterns. Combination of multiple patterns can represent noble elegant interior atmosphere.

4. Farflor PVC commercial flooring is with superior abrasion resistance and stain resistance feature,which is suitable for hospitals,schools,office buildings,shopping malls,supermarkets,transport and other places.

Technical Data for PVC commercial flooring

We can customize the thickness according to the requirements of each specification.

Technical Data Test Method Test Results
Total Thickness EN428 1.0-3.0mm
Wear Layer  Thickness EN429 0.15~0.55mm
Total Weight EN430 3000g/m2
Roll Width EN426 2.0m
Roll Length EN426 20m
Abrasion Group EN660 P
Fire-proof Performance GB8624-2006 B1
Pressure Resistance Performance EN433 0.13
Colour Fastness IOS 105-B02     ≥6
Anti-chemical Performance EN423 Fine
Dimension Stability EN434 ≤0.11%
Anti-silp Performance DIN51130 R9
Roller Wear EN425 ≥80000
Sound Absorption Performance ISO 717-2 15db
Limit Of Harmful Substance GB18586-2001 Qualified

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