Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Tai zhou Champion Materials science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the production and sales of environment-friendly ground paving materials. Our company has the factory district and the administrative department of office function. The administrative district with eight departments, as many as 90 people management team We have four factories and more than 200 workers. The company has aspecial research and development department. Each year, according to the actual market survey result, we will develop new products that meet the needs of the social market.

CHAMPION - PVC flooring

Our company′s main products are mainly PVC flooring; Carpet tile; Artificial turf. PVC flooring is divided into commercial and sports categories, and commercial PVC flooring is mainly used in hospitals; The gym; The kindergarten; Schools and various integrated CBD areas; Even in high-speed rail and shipbuilding, it has a wide range of applications. Sports PVC flooring is mainly suitable for all kinds of courts; The gymnasium. Dance studios and a variety of outdoor courts and running tracks. Carpet brick is mainly suitable for home and a variety of commercial office areas, such products are different from the previous carpet, it is environmentally friendly; Laying is simple; The cost is low; Convenient transportation and storage, high quality. Artificial turf is mainly divided into commercial and sports categories, commercial is mainly suitable for landscape layout of various places; Beautify the environment, and the sports category is mainly used by various stadiums and sports fields.

Welcome the Overseas Merchants to Our Factory.

Since its establishment, the company has signed long-term cooperation strategic agreement with dozens of domestic and foreign buyers. With a market cap of at least 100million a year, the company offers a steady stream of inexpensive products.

Company′s Certificate

The company will then launch a shock to the products of various industries and we will set up warehouses overseas in the future to meet further demand overseas market custmers.


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