Understanding the pros and cons of carpet tiles
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Understanding the pros and cons of carpet tiles

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The availability and flexibility of carpet tiles have long been considered both stylish and practical existence carpet tiles have a variety of sizes and styles. The surface of carpet tile is the same as carpet but is actually a new decorative material made of P W C sheet, very easy to replace, so how about carpet tile can be understood from the advantages and disadvantages of carpet tile.

1. The advantages of carpet tiles

2. The disadvantages of carpet tiles

The advantages of carpet tiles

  One of the most obvious advantages of carpet tiles is that they do not require professional installation. Fitting traditional ONEPIECE carpet is a difficult process that requires skill and dexterity no wonder carpet tappers can command such high rates for their work due to the complexities involved. Instead of going through the hassle and expense of having carpet fitted, carpet tiles can be thrown out in one instance without the problem of installation, like a quality laid carpet. For this reason, they have found particular favor with DIY enthusiasts and budget jobs. Another advantage of carpets is that because of their size and versatility, they can be easily laid to fit more complex room layouts. Traditionally, this would require more carpet clamp time and therefore more money for a good finish with no warranty. In addition, it concentrates the crystal throwing carpet tile, melting the length of parquet polished tile, mosaic, and art carpet three in one, both absorbing the carpet colorful pattern shape, but also in the brick body surface of the flexible glaze throwing and mosaic processing. This new tile than the traditional patchwork polished tile color fuller, has better anti-slip performance, is higher than the mosaic gloss, is more resistant to corrosion, acid, and alkali; more convenient than ordinary carpet cleaning, more wear-resistant, longer service life, three-dimensional decorative effect is also very good. And does not require professional installation can be laid directly on the floor tile or cement, winter store insulation, summer can be uncovered in the bathroom, easy to use. Cleaning is simple, usually takes a vacuum cleaner to take care of it.

The disadvantages of carpet tiles

  The disadvantage is that stepping on it is too hard, and it will be cold in winter, and it looks cold and easy to cool. Block and block between the stitching are too obvious, the edge is easy to warp, poor quality, then especially easy to break, paving is not good easy to make a sound. Since carpets can be easily cut off, while carpets don't always seem to be a cohesive whimsical carpet, a disconnected look may not be appropriate for use in living areas or customer-facing offices.

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