Understanding the development and benefits of artificial grass
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Understanding the development and benefits of artificial grass

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Artificial grass has been developed for more than 40 years, it first originated in the United States, because the natural grass under the roof can not grow, to solve this problem, the use of artificial turf. Since then, artificial grass has become popular worldwide in the United States, forming a situation where American grass, European grass, Australian grass and Asian grass split the market, and American grass has stronger market competitiveness because of its long history, advanced materials and technology. Artificial grass field has very big advantages, and there is no doubt that it will be more and more commonly adopted. There are 2 further aspects to understand artificial grass.

1. The development of artificial grass

2. Advantages of artificial grass

The development of artificial grass

In many countries around the world, the laying and maintenance of natural grass are difficult due to the different geographical locations, extreme natural conditions and the respective economic situations, as well as the objective fact that a significant number of natural grass pitches must be covered with a roof. And it is under such specific conditions that synthetic grass shows its great advantages. After a long period of development, artificial grass technology has become more mature, and several technical indicators are close to natural grass, which can meet the technical requirements of the playing surface for professional soccer matches.

In 2001, it entered the "FIFA Recommended" quality certification system, and since then more and more international matches have been held on artificial turf. 2004, FIFA passed a resolution to allow professional matches to use artificial turf, and in 2005, FIFA and UEFA agreed that the World Cup finals can be held on artificial turf that meets the above standards. artificial turf

Advantages of artificial grass

Anti-aging, sun protection, waterproof, anti-slip, wear-resistant, comfortable footing, bright color, long service life, no need to invest a lot in maintenance costs, all-weather use are the main advantages of artificial grass.

Specific include good elasticity and sufficient cushioning force. Breathable and water permeable. Greatly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water conservation requirements. To meet the requirements of environmental protection, the grass layer can be recycled and reused. Increase the sports area, reduce the noise on the playground, and have the effect of shock absorption and pressure reduction, in line with the requirements of open teaching. The use of silver-white quartz sand or colored sand filling, so that students do not dirty clothes and the environment when they exercise, and all the markings on the playground are directly woven, no longer for frequent delineation and distress. Economical and practical, one investment can guarantee more than seven years of service life, almost no follow-up maintenance costs. The construction and installation period is short, with quick results. Activity.

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