Understanding the characteristics of PVC sports flooring and related core processes
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Understanding the characteristics of PVC sports flooring and related core processes

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PVC sports flooring is a kind of sports flooring specially developed for the sports field by using PVC material, specifically, it is produced by taking PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, and other auxiliary materials on a sheet continuous substrate, by coating process or by calendering, extrusion or extrusion process.

1.PVC sports flooring core issues

2.Characteristics of PVC sports flooring

PVC sports flooring core issues

Comfort issues

The surface of professional PVC sports flooring can be moderately deformed when it is impacted, just like a sealed mattress with air inside. When you fall or slip, the cushioning effect provided by the airtight foam backing technology can minimize sports injuries.


Tremor is the extent to which the floor is deformed by impact, and the greater the tremor, the more likely it is to cause fractures. There are two types of tremors: point tremors and regional tremors.

The problem of ball resilience

The ball rebound test is to drop the basketball from a height of 6.6 feet onto the sports floor and test the height of the basketball's rebound. This data, expressed as a percentage, reflects the rebound height difference by using the height of the basketball rebounding on the concrete floor as a comparison standard. Indoor ball sports competition rules require, with the help of the ground for sports competition or training, such as basketball and other ball sports jumping action and the rebound of the ball, requiring the ball in the game ground rebound comparison coefficient should be greater than or equal to 90% of the professional PVC sports floor has outstanding and stable ball rebound energy, the floor does not exist any elastic dead spot, it can reach up to 98% of the rebound comparison coefficient.

The problem of sports energy return

This refers to the energy of the sports returned by PVC sports flooring when athletes are in motion, to improve sports performance.

The problem of rolling load

The load-bearing load and firmness and service life of professional sports flooring must meet the requirements of competition and training, such as active basketball hoops and related sports facilities when moving on the floor, the surface and structure of the floor cannot be damaged as a result, which is the rolling load standard and concept described by the German DIN standard.

Features of PVC sports flooring

Good sportiness

The ergonomic irregular rounded texture of the floor surface is designed with curved edges so that the sliding coefficient is the best value and the athletes have better mobility, providing an explosive elastic power structure for various professional strenuous technical movements such as starting, jumping, sliding and braking.

Easy to install

It can be installed at will according to the user's needs, and is not limited by the size of the site, and is easy to move.

Easy to clean

PVC surface has the ability to repel external pollution, if the surface is polluted, it can be easily cleaned with a mop, too dirty available floor cleaning agent cleaning, maintenance and cleaning are convenient and inexpensive.

Safety of use

PVC sports flooring is divided into different layers, and each layer has different functions, which brings reliable protection for sports and can minimize the damage of athletes.

Application range

PVC sports flooring is widely used in various sports places, such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball, handball, indoor soccer games and training venues, multifunctional venues, various gymnasiums, dance rooms, schools, unit union activity rooms, multifunctional halls, amusement parks, kindergartens, sporting goods stores, offices, hotels, event venues, etc.

The PVC sports flooring produced by Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the inspection of the National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The results show that all technical indicators are qualified. Non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof and mildew-proof, etc. We can provide customers with relevant certificates, such as CE certification or SGS certification. Can be assured to buy.

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