Three keys to judging the merits of artificial turf
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Three keys to judging the merits of artificial turf

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Artificial grass has been developed for more than 40 years, and it first originated in the United States when artificial turf was used to solve the problem because natural grass under the roof could not grow. Artificial grass has a high frequency of use, easy to lay, simple maintenance, fast drainage characteristics, these advantages make artificial grass has a broad space for development, the trend to replace the natural grass. When buying artificial turf, you can judge the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf from the following 3 points.

1. anti-aging of artificial turf

2. The colorfastness of artificial turf

3. wear resistance of artificial turf.

Anti-aging of artificial turf

The so-called anti-aging is the ability of the lawn to resist aging, how to make the lawn youthful and long-lasting green. When producing artificial turf grass, anti-aging additives are added, which is also an important part of artificial grass. Under the set environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, the artificial turf is irradiated with the WOM simulating normal solar UV rays, i.e. artificial simulated climate, for a set period of time, to observe and test the changes in the color and related physical properties of the artificial turf, called artificial turf anti-aging performance test. Under normal climatic conditions, artificial turf with strong anti-aging performance does not fade easily and does not become brittle easily, and artificial turf with strong anti-aging performance has a more durable and stable color, rarely drops grass seedlings, and has a longer service life. The use conditions are not affected by weather conditions, rain, snow, and other bad weather conditions can be used as usual long service life, the average service life of more than 10 years, while the installation and maintenance is simple, low cost and expense

Colorfastness of artificial turf

The color fastness of the grass is the degree of fading under the action of external factors (friction, washing, rain, exposure, light, etc.) during use or processing, and is an important indicator for evaluating artificial turf.

If there is obvious fading and uneven fading after sunlight exposure, it indicates that the color fastness of grass is not up to the requirement.

Wear resistance of artificial turf

The higher the Dtex value of the grass, the better the abrasion resistance of the grass.

The higher the Dtex number of the turf, the better the wear resistance of the turf. By running the nail roller on the Lisport test equipment back and forth on the artificial turf samples, simulating the normal use, athletes wearing spiked sneakers on the turf, after reaching a certain time period, to test and evaluate the wear condition of the turf. The artificial turf with good abrasion resistance is more durable and has a longer service life. After hundreds of thousands of wear tests, artificial turf only loses 2%-3% of its fiber weight.

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