The structure of artificial grass, the main material of grass yarn
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The structure of artificial grass, the main material of grass yarn

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The quality of artificial grass is close to that of natural grass, and it has the advantages of excellent wear resistance and low maintenance cost, so it is increasingly used in various international competition venues. The following is to introduce the structure of artificial grass, the main material of grass wire, which can be understood from the following aspects.

1.The structure material of artificial grass

2. The color of artificial grass

3. The measurement of artificial grass.

Structure material of artificial grass

PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene and PA polyamide are three materials that are usually used as raw materials to produce artificial grass fibers.

What are the main types of artificial grass yarns in the market and how are they processed and manufactured?

(1) Artificial grass open mesh yarn is formed after the extruder process, using the needle-shaped cutting device to precisely cut the fiber strip for fibrillation structure, after stretching and open mesh, this kind of fiber is good for the artificial grass filler fixed.

(2) Artificial grass mesh monofilament fiber is formed into a sheet structure after the extrusion process, and the fibrillated structure is precisely cut by the needle cutting device and sent to the twisting machine for processing, and the artificial grass fiber forms a spiral appearance under the twisting effect of the twisting machine.

(3) Artificial grass monofilament fiber is extruded separately from a machine called a spinneret, each artificial grass fiber is processed independently so that different shapes of grass can be produced.

The color of artificial grass

Artificial grass is available in a wide range of colors, from shades of green to mimic the shadows on the grass to other colors to represent the club logo.

How resistant is artificial grass to UV radiation?

Synthetic grass is processed with UV and fade-resistant materials to produce a fiber that is UV resistant and does not fade easily.

For artificial grass yarn-related measurement

Artificial grass yarns are usually measured by weight and thickness, with masses commonly measured in TEX, does [grams per 10,000 meters], DENIER [grams per 9,000 meters], and thickness in Micron.

Are there certain colors of grass fibers that are more susceptible to UV aging?

No. Some color-specific fibers (e.g., red and orange) are less resistant to UV light and are more susceptible to aging, and UV quality assurance is only applicable to non-color-specific fibers.

Flame retardant additives are added to the artificial grass yarns during processing to enhance the flame retardancy of the fibers, which is dependent on the entire sports surface and not just one component, the grass yarn.

How does the grass yarn perform in extreme temperature conditions?

Under normal climatic conditions (-10℃ to +40℃), most artificial grass yarns can maintain their original performance without any change, while PE polyethylene yarns can adapt to more brutal conditions, and PP polypropylene yarns tend to become brittle and fragile in temperatures below freezing point.

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