The details that need to pay attention to when using PVC flooring
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The details that need to pay attention to when using PVC flooring

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Sports field workshop plant PVC floor construction is completed can be directly normal use, in the use of the process PVC floor in addition to the necessary maintenance, in the work and daily life some small details also essential need to pay attention to.

1. PVC flooring when precautions

2.PVC flooring when the purpose of cleaning and maintenance

3.PVC floor care precautions

PVC flooring when precautions

The use of the process is strictly prohibited sharp objects scratch the ground, sharp objects and blades, etc.

Although the PVC floor has certain corrosion resistance, the corrosive chemicals or drugs spilled on the flooring it should be removed promptly to avoid deeper corrosion of the flooring;

For the spilled on the ground such as oil stains should be removed promptly, the increase in the dirt will make the ground friction is reduced, easy to cause injury.

Although PVC flooring is fire retardant in B1 level, still to avoid cigarette burns the floor surface coating to prevent deeper damage to the floor.

PVC flooring when the purpose of cleaning and maintenance

Improve the appearance: timely remove the dirt produced in daily use so that PVC flooring fully shows its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss.

Protecting PVC flooring: to protect the resilient flooring from accidental chemicals, cigarette traces, shoe prints, oil, and water, etc., to minimize the mechanical wear and tear on the surface, so that the durability of the flooring itself can be brought into full play, thus extending the life of the flooring.

Convenient care: due to the resilient floor itself tight surface structure and special treatment, pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, can make the floor easier with care and extend the service life.

PVC floor care precautions

All kinds of dirt on the floor should be removed in time.

Absolutely prohibit the floor soaked in bright water, although some PVC flooring using waterproof rubber isolated water source (such as floor drain, water room, and other places), a long time of being soaked in water, will seriously affect the service life of the floor. The cleaning process in time with the suction machine to suck the sewage dry.

Shorten maintenance intervals and increase the number of waxes applied to high-strength surfaces in high-traffic and high-wear areas.

Absolutely prohibit the use of hard, rough cleaning utensils (such as steel wire ball, pacifier cloth, etc.), to prevent sharp objects collision PVC floor.

It is highly recommended to place scuffing mats at the entrance of public places with high traffic flow to prevent tarnishing and scratching the PVC floor by bringing in dirt and grit.

Cleaning and maintenance after the floor is laid/before use

First, remove the dust and debris on the surface of the floor. Use the floor scrubbing machine with a 3M red grinding pad or similar products to clean at low speed to remove the floor surface protection wax, grease, dust, and other dirt, and use the water-absorbing machine to absorb the sewage dry. After sung-up with clean water, the floor is cleaned and dried. As needed, on 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax.

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