The application scope of PVC plastic flooring
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The application scope of PVC plastic flooring

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PVC plastic flooring, that is, the flooring made of PVC plastic as the main material. Commonly used fillers are calcium carbonate and asbestos, but also other fillers such as barite, talcum powder, clay, etc. PVC plastic flooring is often produced by the hot pressing method and calendering method. Hot pressing method filler can be added more appropriately, but it is intermittent production. PVC flooring can change itself according to different environments to adapt to the application range

1.PVC asbestos floor tiles

2.PVC floor tiles

3. Crumbled grain pattern floor tiles

4.PVC soft roll flooring

5.Printed foam plastic flooring

6. PVC flooring with color printing

PVC asbestos floor tiles

PVC asbestos floor tile is the earliest and most commonly used plastic flooring material, made of PVC plastic or PVC and chlorine vinegar copolymer resin mixture with asbestos and calcium carbonate filler, it can be produced by hot pressing method or calendering method, the size is generally 303mm×303mm, thickness 2mm, the shape has square, triangle and trapezoid, etc.

In addition to the common advantages of PVC flooring, i.e. easy to clean, wear-resistant and easy to construct, PVC asbestos floor tiles are characterized by low cost and good flame-resistance, especially resistance to cigarette butts, and the surface will not be damaged by stepping on the cigarette butts, so they are more widely used.

PVC floor tiles

Since asbestos fiber is harmful to health when producing floor tiles, the production of floor tiles with only calcium carbonate filler, i.e. PVC floor tiles, has started in recent years. Since asbestos is not used, special technology must be used to ensure that its dimensional stability and other properties can still meet the standards of PVC asbestos floor tiles.

The production process of PVC floor tile is basically the same as PVC asbestos floor tile. Most of our current production is asbestos-free PVC floor tiles.

PVC floor tiles are generally plain or treated with pulling only. The embossing printing device can be set after the calendar. The patterns produced can be irregular or regular.

Since the pattern is printed on during embossing, it is concave and not easy to wear in use.

Grain pattern floor tile

Grain pattern floor tile is a kind of patterned transparent floor tile, and the pattern will not disappear due to wear and tear. The raw materials used in its production are the same as PVC asbestos tiles, but the process is different. First, the raw material is rolled and crushed into irregularly shaped grains of various colors, then the grains of different colors are mixed, and then the mixture is calendered into sheets, waxed and polished, and then punched and cut into tiles, so that the surface has a special pattern.

PVC soft roll flooring

Soft PVC coil flooring is generally produced by calendering. There are fewer fillers and more plasticizers than PVC floor tiles. Generally use four-roller calender plant plasticized PVC, the surface is flat and smooth after calendering, after cooling cut edge rolled that is the product. The specification of the coil varies from country to country, and there are various specifications in China.

Soft PVC coil flooring material is soft, has a certain elasticity, comfortable footing, but the surface resistance to cigarette butts is not as good as PVC floor tiles.

Printed foam plastic flooring

It is mostly a kind of semi-rigid plastic flooring. The main raw material is also with PVC resin, the difference is that in addition to the surface layer printed decorative treatment, the middle layer is PVC paste with 2% AC foaming agent, forming PVC foam layer when calendering and heating, to improve the elasticity of the floor and sound insulation, heat insulation, the base layer with asbestos paper, non-woven fabric or glass fiber cloth, etc.

To increase the three-dimensional effect of the surface printing pattern, chemical embossing is used, which is a kind of foaming inhibitor added to the printing ink of a certain pigment, after printing to the penetration within the optional PVC paste, so that, when foaming, due to the inhibiting effect, so that part of the non-foaming and concave, and foaming convex out, so that the pattern or flower shape is rich in a three-dimensional sense.

Laminated color printing PVC flooring

To improve the anti-slip performance of plastic flooring, the surface color printing layer is coated with a transparent PVC paste layer and then embossed to form a laminated color printing PVC flooring.

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