The PVC flooring that can be applied in home decoration
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The PVC flooring that can be applied in home decoration

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The floor decoration project is actually a relatively important point because many flooring materials to choose from, in a wide range of flooring materials, stone PVC flooring is a material sought after by many friends, for stone PVC flooring familiar? In fact, stone PVC flooring in daily life is also often in contact with.

1. what is stone-plastic PVC flooring

2. stone plastic PVC flooring and rubber flooring of the difference

What is stone-plastic PVC flooring

Stone-plastic flooring is a domestic name, referring to PVC sheet flooring because the main raw material of PVC sheet flooring is natural stone powder, the wear-resistant layer is PVC material, so named "stone plastic flooring" or "stone plastic floor tile". Stone-plastic PVC flooring is made from natural marble powder. It forms a high-density, high-fiber mesh structure with a solid base layer. It is then covered with a super-abrasive PVC wear layer on its surface, which is processed through hundreds of processes. The surface of the stone PVC flooring is realistic and beautiful, with super wear-resistant qualities, the surface is bright but not very slippery, which is a model of new high-tech materials in the 21st century. There are many different types of stone flooring, mainly homogeneous and translucent sheets from the structural point of view. Multi-layer composite sheet, semi-homogeneous permeable sheet, can be divided into release material and strip material from the shape. The thickness of the stone plastic PVC floor are 1.2mm-5.0mm, the thicker the thickness of the stone plastic floor, the better it will be in all aspects of performance.

Plastic flooring, PVC sports flooring, PVC rubber flooring, PVC plastic flooring, etc. are actually non-standard names, but we can understand them as PVC flooring.

The difference between stone-plastic PVC flooring and rubber

Rubber flooring and PVC flooring are two completely different concepts. Rubber flooring is flooring made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other components of polymeric materials. Natural rubber is the rubber harvested from artificially cultivated rubber trees. Butyl, high benzene and paraben rubber are synthetic rubber, which is a by-product of petroleum. The rubber flooring produced with rubber as the main raw material is divided into homogeneous and non-homogeneous relief surfaces and smooth surfaces for indoor use. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to flooring based on natural or synthetic rubber, with a single or multi-layer structure vulcanized in the same color and composition; non-homogeneous rubber flooring: refers to flooring based on natural or synthetic rubber, with a structure consisting of a wear-resistant layer and other compacted layers of different composition and/or design, with the compacted layer containing a skeleton layer.

Rubber flooring is generally used in places with high wear resistance requirements. The market is not too large due to the high wear resistance, high price, difficulty in coloring, single-color, and strict installation method requirements. In China, it is also mainly used in the transport sector, such as subways, aircraft, cars and other means of transport, airports, stations, ships and other transport hubs.

Anti-slip and flame retardant, the surface layer of stone plastic PVC flooring is made of the wear-resistant layer with a special anti-slip design, which is suitable for use in hospitals, kindergartens, schools and homes with elderly and small children to avoid falling. And the substrate of the stone plastic PVC flooring is made of natural stone powder, which will not bury the fire in the home.

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