Textured PVC Flooring For Tennis Court Sheet
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Textured PVC Flooring For Tennis Court Sheet

  • CP1229
  • Champion
  • CP1229
Product details
Materials: made of vinyl materials PVC
Application: indoor football field, basketball court, table tennis court, volleyball court and the gym
Pattern: wooden/lychee/tree bark/plain pattern, customization
Color: red, green, blue, grey, black etc. multi-color
Thickness: 4.5mm-8.0mm
Width: 1.8m
Length: 15m/20m
Packaging: coil, polybag
Technical Data Test Method Test Results
Total Thickness EN428 4.5-8.0mm
Wear Layer Thickness EN429 0.35~0.55mm
Total Weight EN430 3000g/m2
Roll Width EN426 1.8m
Roll Length EN426 15/20m
Abrasion Group EN660 T
Fire-proof Performance GB8624-2006 B1
Pressure Resistance Performance EN433 0.13
Colour Fastness IOS 105-B02 ≥6
Anti-chemical Performance EN423 No stain 0
Dimension Stability EN434 ≤0.11%
Anti-silp Performance DIN51130 R9
Roller Wear EN425 ≥80000
Sound Absorption Performance ISO 717-2 15db
Limit Of Harmful Substance GB18586-2001 Qualified

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