Share answers to several common questions about the artificial grass
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Share answers to several common questions about the artificial grass

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The recommendation and green light were given to artificial grass fields by various institutions and sports departments in the international soccer world have provided favorable conditions to promote the popular use of artificial grass fields in hot zones, alpine regions and those countries and regions where economic conditions are not suitable for planting natural grass. And it is under such specific conditions that synthetic grass shows its great advantages. After a long time of development, artificial grass technology has been more mature, and many technical indicators have been close to natural grass. The artificial grass just arrived will always have some questions, the following are the answers to some common questions.

1. Why not all functional threads are woven in the factory on the grass?

2. Why can't we use river sand instead of quartz sand?

3. Why there are shed grass strands on site?

4. Why the color of the lawn just opened is different from that of the lawn opened before?

Why not all functional threads are woven on the grass in the factory?

A: For the existing Artificial Turf production equipment in the world, considering the limitation of yarn changing work, it is only suitable for producing vertical functional threads, even if the functional threads can be completely woven on the grass in the factory. However, when it comes to the construction on-site, each functional line may not match the drawing position completely, and there is a big obstacle for the construction.

Why can't we use river sand instead of quartz sand?

A: As far as possible to use quartz sand, because of the high silica content of quartz sand, hardness is relatively harder than the river sand, the frequent friction in the use of the site is not easy to form a powder, so the site is not easy to appear slab phenomenon, which will ensure long-term excellent sports performance of the site, at the same time, because the granular quartz sand has a lot of small gaps. It is good for the drainage of the field.

If there are big difficulties in purchasing quartz sand on-site, river sand can be used, but the following matters should be noted when using river sand:

1) Washed river sand should be used, and the rate of mud in river sand is less than 5%.

2) The size of sand should be uniform, and the specification should be controlled at about 20 mesh.

3) The condition should be sieved to ensure that it does not contain impurities, such as small mussel shells, etc.

Why there is shed grass wire on-site?

A: The shed artificial grass wire in the construction site mainly comes from:

1) The grass wire on the drainage hole: Because in the production process, the drainage hole is formed by the electric iron processing, some grass wire roots will not fall off immediately after being branded by the electric iron during the production.

2) During the construction process, some of the grass threads are cut when cutting the functional line, but they do not fall off immediately. For the above reasons, the grass threads will fall off after combing by the combing machine, causing the phenomenon of grass threads falling off at the site.

Why is the color of the newly opened lawn different from the previously opened lawn?

A: The main reason is that the freshly opened lawn is basically completely upside down, while the previously opened lawn is partially erected after drying, therefore, the turf opened before and after is not the same as the degree of erection, the reflection of light is also different, which has a certain effect on the eyes' vision, in fact, the final color of the lawn will not have color difference.

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