Reasons for the rapid popularity of square carpet tile
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Reasons for the rapid popularity of square carpet tile

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It is a new type of paving material that is backed by elastic composite material and cut into squares. square carpet tile is rapidly occupying the commercial field, becoming the preferred flooring material for banks, business offices, telecommunication, and administrative organs. Most of the world's top 100 companies use square carpet tiles in their offices, and domestic 5A office buildings have been designated to be paved with square carpet tiles. The excellent performance of square carpet tile makes it popular in the process of commercial field also rapidly favored by families.

1. Advantages of square carpet tile

2. The movable pavement of square carpet tile

Advantages of square carpet tile

Easy to transport, install and dismantle and replace, wear-resistant, silent, dirt-proof and dust-absorbing, it is the first choice for office carpet.

square carpet tile is easy to transport, full pavement carpet is about 4m wide and 25m long, which is difficult to enter the high-rise building through elevator; square carpet tile specifications are mainly 50cm*50cm or 91.4cmx91.4cm blocks, 16 or 20 pieces/box, compact size, easy to transport and store.

Easy installation and construction cutting loss can be reduced to the lowest gross ground directly pavement; can be directly pavement on the surface of the tile, stone floor, for ground upgrade; no need any auxiliary materials. Material loss can be reduced to a minimum, for the user greatly save costs.

The floor pattern of the square carpet tile can be assembled at will and can be changed easily. Administrative and business offices can be divided into functional areas with different colour blocks; for family residences, different colour blocks can be grouped to create an artistic atmosphere; moving the colour blocks can adjust the functional areas or change the floor pattern to create a new visual experience.

Prevent slips and falls. The probability of slipping on a hard floor is twice that of carpet; soft carpet and elastic backing can prevent falls.

Easy to maintain. Daily maintenance can be done by vacuuming; stains such as tea and milk can be cleaned piece by piece; after partial damage, the carpet can be replaced by a new tile.

Easy to disassemble and reuse. The carpet tiles can be easily dismantled and moved into the new house when the office or home is moved.

The movable pavement of square carpet tile

The substrate of the square carpet tile is thicker and straighter, so it is not easy to roll up when people walk on it.

First of all, we should find out the centre point of the room, and then we should draw out the positioning line through the centre point and perpendicular to each other.

When paving square carpet tile, to make the carpet pavement beautiful should use the method of staggering pavement of backlight and smooth light. Before paving, first scratch in the ground with arrows in the direction of the pile in the back strike: paving should be laid evenly from the middle to both sides. To avoid paving errors, can first back when L to have a simple head of carpet vertically pave each other, the test is correct, from the middle of the inner time 1 formal paving. When paving, each carpet should be squeezed with the adjacent carpet, when the surrounding carpet is not enough, the back of the carpet will measure the size, according to the requirements of the arrow around the surface of Shanghai and mutual vertical, after the detection is correct, the sharp cutter can be cut off the carpet, and the surrounding carpet will be paved.

After the square carpet tile is paved, the surface pile should be sorted out, and the pile at the seam will be rubbed left and right to make it interlocked, to ensure the pile on the surface of the carpet is complete and no gap is left. Under the door frame, to prevent the carpet from being kicked up, apply the carpet pressure strip to press the edge. The carpet pressure strip should be pressed against the edge of the carpet and knocked flat.

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