On the comparison of artificial grass and natural grass
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On the comparison of artificial grass and natural grass

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Artificial grass first originated in 1948 and was adopted in soccer training grounds. The original design of artificial grass was also intended to supplement the shortcomings of natural grass, which is now widely used around the world.

1. The cost of growing natural grass

2. The convenience of artificial grass

The cost of growing natural grass

Natural grass must experience the effects of two seasonal changes, the growing period and the dry period, on average, from March to June each year for the growing period, November to February for the dry period, and also in the rainy season and winter snow weather, also need to be maintained, can not be in the long term for large or frequent activities, which also leads to the low efficiency of the use of natural grass field, if not properly maintained, in the rainy season frequent use of the field will make If a site its use function, only a few times a year to hold a game, laying natural grass should be able to meet its requirements but is used as a national fitness high frequency, it can not guarantee that the site will not appear uneven, large area turning soil phenomenon, many domestic stadiums in the TV broadcast, the big soccer game, suffered this embarrassment.

Natural grass is actually very fragile, first look at its foundation has to ensure that the denseness, will not be caused by rain erosion uneven soil erosion, resulting in the uneven site. The foundation cost is very high, in the future every year the dedicated maintenance, spraying, mowing, plus breakage repair costs, each year will also have tens of thousands of yuan of maintenance costs, if calculated according to the use of 10 years, the actual use of natural grass is only about 4 months per year, that is to say, the real-life of natural grass for 3 years, the actual annual investment costs will be very high, and to waste of water resources.

The convenience of artificial grass

The use of Artificial Turf field, in any case, can meet the requirements of use at any time, will not be because to hold some large events have to consider whether the lawn is green, can not withstand the trampling of thousands of people, its investment is a one-time, but can fully use more than 10 years, the average to the annual cost of use is very low.

The artificial grass field is also a kind of protection for the plastic of the runway, it will not produce mud stain and erode the plastic surface layer, because the foundation is just using 15cm gravel, 15cm C25 concrete can be, its flatness is absolute, it will not let the athletes get hurt, it can be used when it rains lightly, the foundation cost of artificial grass is relatively low.

As a standard sports field, the lawn is a landmark project, is to show a place, a school or an area overall image, beautify the environment, at the same time to be able to meet the needs of most people, for the national fitness to do substantial projects, in recent years, the school construction of sports fields basically all use artificial turf, is to see its practicality, and the natural grass itself is very difficult to build, to take full account of the practicality and the need to hold large events.

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