Learn how to do a square carpet paving project
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Learn how to do a square carpet paving project

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It is a new type of paving material with elastic composite material as backing and cut into squares. Square carpet has its unique way of laying. The following can be further understood by the requirements of the floor and paving method of the square carpet.

1. The requirements of square carpet on the ground

2. The three common paving methods of square carpet

The requirements of square carpet for the ground.

1, the cement ground needs to do the self-levelling treatment.

2, the ground is flat, clean, dry, no oil, no sand, no bump, no bonded grey block. For the cracked or irregular surface of the ground, use a smooth warranty agent to trim and level. The moisture content of the floor base is 7%, PH value 6-8 is the most ideal, otherwise, the PVC carpet will produce odour due to hydrolysis.

3、Network flooring is recommended to use infrared radiometer to install and adjust the level, the whole ground precision control within 0.5mm/m, otherwise, the carpet will appear the phenomenon of poor edge bonding.

4, the ground as far as possible to remove the raised objects, including a variety of transmission lines, otherwise, in the use of carpet, the raised part of the pile head stress, appears easy to dirty, easy to break, and so on.

5, avoid cross-construction, especially containing lucite glue, pine perfume, repair paint and other corrosive liquid dripping onto the carpet will cause the carpet to decolourize and cannot be made up. When cross-construction must be done, then we should take precautions to avoid contaminating the carpet.

Square carpet has common three paving methods.

Self-pasting installation method.

The use of a specification of 70mm * 70mm self-adhesive plastic hard sheet, paste the four corners of the square carpet installation method. Its advantage is that it uses less glue, less odour, suitable for a small area and mass installation. The disadvantage is that the self-paste installation method is single-sided adhesive, and only paste the four corners of the carpet, and does not produce paste on the ground, so the paste strength is smaller. This installation method will affect the service life and beauty of the carpet, especially in the process of handling or moving objects on the carpet, carpet cleaning and vacuuming, and the friction and pressure of the seat roller. And this method construction speed is slow, high cost, poor effect, not suitable for large area use.

Stainless steel spike installation method.

Use steel nails to fix the square stainless steel spikes with round holes in the middle of 70mm*70mm on the ground, and then pry and press the four corners of the four carpets on the stainless steel spikes with a spatula respectively. The advantage of this method is that it does not need to be glued and there is no smell. The disadvantage is that the four corners of the carpet connection point are about 0.3mm higher than other areas, when walking, you can feel the carpet connection carpet surface is not flat, the carpet use problems with the self-paste installation method.

Water-based adhesive installation method.

The ground is fully coated with glue or a 10 to 15cm wide square grid is made at the carpet stitching to apply glue, and then the carpet is placed on the ground coated with glue. Its advantage is that the carpet and ground paste is firm, the carpet seam is flat, anti-crushing, strong friction, vacuum-cleaning carpet is not easy to crack, not easy to deformation, relatively easy to replace or repair carpet. The disadvantage is that the carpet just installed slightly glue smell, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly water-based glue, such as Bond Shield, Nanbo such a first-line brand of glue. This kind of pavement is also the most common and mature pavement method for large office buildings and offices worldwide with square carpets.

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