High-quality artificial grass can trigger these problems
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High-quality artificial grass can trigger these problems

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After a long period of development, artificial grass technology has become more mature, and many technical indicators are close to natural grass, which can meet the technical requirements of professional soccer matches for the playing surface. More and more primary and secondary schools are also joining the users of artificial grass products, which have entered a new stage of unprecedented development. However, it is inevitable that there will be some problems in the process of using artificial turf. These problems are difficult to occur in high-quality artificial turf and mainly appear in some inferior quality turf. And these problems are mainly

l Heavy metals and other excessive standards 

l Safety issues such as friction and burns 

l Static electricity and stagnant feeling 

Heavy metals and other excessive standards 

The main environmental requirements of grass wire are heavy metals antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium can not exceed the required amount, environmentally friendly grass wire using new high-quality olefin polymer, with no heavy metal resistant color masterbatch, processing aids one-time extrusion processing molding, the use of the skin will not form irritation, and will not be harmful to the environment. 

Most of the unfriendly factors of grass silk come from the use of recycled materials of unknown origin or unqualified testing, because the source of recycled materials is generally complex, containing many different kinds of additives, which are easy to react or crack after repeated processing and use, resulting in toxic and harmful substances fused with grass silk, which are emitted by the temperature on the field and inhaled by users, causing harm to the human body and the environment. 

Safety issues such as friction and burns 

Artificial turf, because its structure consists of rubber, concrete or asphalt, basically cannot play the role of cultured water, so it cannot reduce the surface temperature, and its heat capacity is small, in the summertime, in closed stadiums, the surface temperature may be greater than the air temperature. If at this time the user and its relatively intense friction, the skin of the contact area will be subject to light or heavy injury. 

And, the level of technology can also largely affect the flame retardant performance of the grass yarn. Artificial grass system grass fiber all use LSR low slip resistance soft design, can greatly reduce the possibility of sports injury and friction burns, the product strictly implement the EU testing standards, flame retardant performance in line with the national standard standards.

Static electricity and hysteresis 

Anti-static performance and hysteresis are also a key part of the artificial turf product competition, it is related to the product's abrasion factor and sports effect. The evaluation of artificial turf, like other products, mainly depends on the selection of raw materials such as grass yarn and backing and the maturity and stability of the post-treatment process such as scraping rubber. 

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