Features of the parquet flooring in PVC flooring

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PVC parquet flooring is a new product with polypropylene (PP) as the main material, initially used for the five-a-side soccer field, with the continuous use around the world, there is a new awareness of PVC parquet flooring, compared with the plastic surface, wood flooring sports flooring its has the advantages of simple assembly, easy to move, withstand rain, no insects, long life, etc., so, more and more are used in a variety of sports fields The PVC assembled floor has the following characteristics.

1. Long life span

2. Buffering and high elasticity performance

3. Outdoor use of environmental protection, high utilization rate

4. Beautiful and non-glare

5. Color and low maintenance costs

Long life span

The raw material used in PVC parquet flooring, polypropylene (PP), is a high-strength material, using modified polypropylene with UV radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, cold resistance, and other raw materials, so that the product has the advantages of pressure resistance, impact resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, long service life, etc.

Buffering and high elasticity performance

The cross-section of PVC parquet is a variety of bow structures, which makes the product increase its cushioning, effectively reduce the damage of athletes and increase the resilience to the ball (resilience up to 96%).

Outdoor use of environmental protection, high utilization rate

The main raw material used in PVC parquet flooring, polypropylene (PP), is a non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly product (PP material is a food-grade material). Because the basic structure of the product is a bird's nest lattice basket hollow structure, the bottom of the floor has a water tank, so there is no water after cleaning the floor or rain, to ensure the utilization rate of the sports floor.

Beautiful and non-glare

PVC parquet flooring floor block is processed with precision mold, the product size precision is high, interchangeability is good, the installation of the product with high precision, at the same time with the bird's nest mesh structure, if not carefully identified, almost can not see the position of the seam; at the same time because of the use of different lattice structure, so visually will not be like a monotonous lattice like a sense of vertigo. After a larger area is laid, it looks like a carpet when you look at it. It is practical and has a landscape effect.

Color and low maintenance cost

Can be chosen by the user. A variety of colors to choose from, so that the sportsman is full of desire to exercise. At the same time, the colorful field also provides good conditions for commercial operation. Generally speaking, it includes dark green, spring green, olive green, big red, dark red, orange, yellow, dark black, etc.

PVC parquet floor in use only needs water for flushing, no other maintenance costs.

Sports functionality refers to the performance that professional sports flooring should have to meet the technical characteristics of different sports to the maximum extent possible while trying to avoid athletes with unnecessary load and consume too much energy. workers. The company has a dedicated R&D department. We are dedicated to researching PVC flooring to achieve better results and bring a better experience to our customers.

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