Fake artificial turf can cause harm to people and the environment
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Fake artificial turf can cause harm to people and the environment

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The quality of manufactured artificial turf varies, with low-grade goods proliferating and only a handful of real overall strength. The high quality of the artificial turf is expensive, prompting many universities to look over their shoulders and have no choice but to buy cheap and shoddy goods from some small workshop producers or win the bid bottom producers to get greater profits and apply shoddy raw materials to carry out grass manufacturing. But a high-quality artificial turf can bring a better sense of use. The shoddy ones can affect the health of people and the environment.

l Identification of injury of vulcanized rubber pellet filling material

l Identification of the damage of artificial turf to soil layer and green plants


Vulcanized rubber pellet infill injury identification

Artificial turf is padded with layers of 3mm or finer diameter PVC particles made from acquired car tires. Sometimes vulcanized rubber granules will also be mixed with silica sand as a filler. The most common butadiene rubber key by butadiene - pe and butadiene - styrene composition, in which plus different water content of vulcanizing agents, fillers, flame retardants and antioxidants, different manufacturers plus the secret recipe is different. This additive granular powdered can be dispersed according to the gas, sucked into the body, and can be brought into the room with clothes and fitness equipment. Adults' human immune system has trended towards maturity, with strong resistance, this small particulate matter to adults is just some aversion and does not easily cause harm to their physical and mental health. The human immune system of children and adolescents is not yet completely mature, the resistance is relatively poor, PVC particles volatile out of the environmental pollution coefficient on the physical and mental health of children and adolescents caused by Wei Xie.


Artificial turf to the soil layer and green plant damage identification

The artificial lawn in the application of the whole process will endanger the surrounding very large ecological system. Artificial turf through the wind and sun, rain, the wind gently blowing, in which the harmful substances from the plastic and vulcanized rubber leaching, followed by precipitation and other natural rainfall infiltration to the soil layer, the soil layer caused environmental pollution. The environmental pollution of the soil layer includes changing the physical structure and physical properties of the soil layer, endangering the nutrient digestion and absorption of plants and their growth and development; endangering the thematic activities of microbial strains in the soil layer; destroying the diversity of organisms within the soil layer; and the accumulation of harmful substances in the soil layer, resulting in the excess standard of harmful substances in the soil layer, preventing the growth of plants, and even causing the death of green plants in more serious cases. Harmful substances will also be digested and absorbed by green plants, migrate to the fruit body, and endanger the health and feeding of small animals according to the food web.

In addition, 25 organic chemicals and 4 metal materials (zinc, selenium, lead and cadmium) in the vulcanized rubber filler can be released into the water, and because artificial turf cannot digest and absorb or consider precipitation, the organic chemicals do not undergo reasonable consideration by the plant community, and the harmful substances in them cause environmental pollution of groundwater and surface water bodies with natural rainfall. The most immediate environmental contamination still depends on the fact that artificial turf is classified as a non-degradable raw material that produces tons of polymer waste after 8 to 10 years of brittle defeat. Although it can be reused, a large amount of artificial turf is simply buried in general.


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