Easy vinyl flooring installation that you can do yourself
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Easy vinyl flooring installation that you can do yourself

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Vinyl flooring is easy to install and only requires some preparation work and then the installation process. If have the enthusiasm of a professional to do it, then take notes here. There are three methods to choose from, depending on the different types of vinyl flooring you have.

1. tongue and groove planks and tiles

2. peel and stick

3. sheet vinyl

Installation type 1: Tongue and groove plank flooring

Start by staggering the planks. Use whatever is cut from the end of the first row as the start of the next row. This can be done as long as the length is at least 6 inches. To cut vinyl planks to the desired length, use a T-square to score and break. Use a hobby knife to lightly score the surface plank. Then using your knees as support, gently bend the board to fold it in half.

Installation steps for the tongue and groove.

Place the first vinyl flooring in one corner of the room. Work from left to right. Use shims to ensure there is a ⅜" expansion gap to the wall. Lock the tongue and groove connectors and align the joints to complete the first row. Continue laying the floor. Use a tapping block and rubber mallet to tap the boards into the locking position. Use the remaining cut ends to start the next row. They should be at least 6" long or longer. Place the plank at a slight angle into the previous row. This will help it to slide into place and interlock perfectly. Add shims every few feet around the edge of the floor. Once the installation is complete, remove the shims. Once the installation process is complete, re-install the subfloor using brass nail studs. Install finishing moldings to cover expansion joints. Reinstall doors and appliances.

Installation Type 2: peel and stick

Mix a few boxes of planks to ensure color variation. Use the end of the first row as the start of the next row. Draw lines on the room according to your preferred layout pattern. To cut the board, use a hobby knife to make passes, then use a T-square to make straight cuts. Make a few cuts with the shears. Peel away the paper to expose the adhesive. Press the tile or board down onto the surface with force. Repeat this process until you have completed the first row. When you reach the wall, measure the space and mark the vinyl flooring to cut accordingly. Then cut, peel and stick the vinyl flooring. Continue with the above two steps until the room is complete. Once fully installed, use a 100 lb. roller in multiple directions to ensure the flooring and planks are firmly glued together. Reinstall skirting, trim strips and doors. Wait 24 hours before moving any furniture back into the room.

Installation type 3: Sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring can be installed in two ways: modified loose lay and glued down. Glued installation or fully glued installation is a permanent process. It is best left to the professionals. Therefore, it is possible to skip this part of the installation and move to a temporary installation method.

A modified loose position! Adapt the vinyl floors to the room by unfolding them and letting them sit for 24 hours.

Arrange the vinyl flooring in the room and cut it using a hobby knife.

Use a sharp hobby knife to cut around any objects in the room (toilets, sinks, etc.) and leave a gap of at least 1/8" to 1/4". This will allow the paper to lay flat without gathering or squeezing. Start cutting from around the room. When cutting, use a straightedge to guide. Leave a gap around the edge to ensure the paper lies flat. Once the cutting is complete, re-install the trim strip, trim strip, or door.

If the area is large and requires multiple joints, the modified scatter method will not work. Professionals can be called and Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will offer technical support to customers, such as one-on-one online video explanations, to solve difficult problems.

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