Care and maintenance of high-quality PVC carpet
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Care and maintenance of high-quality PVC carpet

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PVC carpet is a carpet produced by using polyvinyl chloride resin material, which can be used instead of pure wool carpet and chemical fibre carpet. To prolong the life of PVC carpet, first of all, it is necessary to have a high-quality PVC carpet, and then a set of correct cleaning standards must be established. In the maintenance process, vacuuming is the most important procedure to maintain PVC carpet, the better the vacuuming work is done, the fewer times PVC carpet needs to be cleaned, and the longer its life span. On the other hand, stains should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise, they will be very difficult to remove after a long time. It can be understood from the following aspects

1. Select PVC carpet

2.PVC carpet care and maintenance

Selecting PVC carpet

Density and elasticity. Good elasticity and a high density of PVC carpet will make your carpet more comfortable. To detect the elasticity of the carpet, consumers can use their fingers to press the carpet to see if it can quickly return to its original state, the better the elasticity of the carpet recovery speed will be faster. To detect the density of the carpet, consumers can bend the carpet to see whether the bottom back, generally the greater the density is not easy to reveal the bottom back.

The material of PVC carpet can reflect the pressure-bearing ability and wear-resisting ability of the carpet. Good material can make the carpet live longer.

Applicable position. Consumers choose the carpet to pay attention to the location of the paving and the size of the walking volume. Walk frequently in the area, such as the entrance, the hall with high-density wear-resistant PVC carpet. Less walking areas, such as bedrooms, can choose a high pile of softer, stairs should choose durable, non-slip types. In places where stains are easily pasted, such as the dining room, use easy-to-clean and easy-care carpets.

stain resistance, PVC carpet stain resistance is very critical in life. General plain and no pattern carpet easy to reveal stains and footprints, cut pile carpet dust accumulation usually floating on the carpet surface, revealing stains, but the dust stain is easy to clean, while the loop pile is easy to accumulate dust in the carpet bottom, more difficult to remove. Carpet daily maintenance and maintenance vacuuming is the most basic work of carpet maintenance, the carpet from the day of use, make sure to vacuum thoroughly every day, never have a good and thorough suction tomorrow though, once the dust sediment accumulation daily vacuuming is difficult to remove. PVC woven carpet, but to meet the characteristics of easy to clean, dirty only need to rinse with water, maintenance costs are reduced by many.

Carpet colour. Consumers should pay attention to see whether the colour of PVC carpets under different light sources has differences. Different production batches will also make the carpet colour difference.

carpet brand. Consumers need to choose a good quality brand PVC carpet so that they can enjoy a series of perfect after-sales services provided by it. In addition, a good brand carpet can ensure that the carpet is resistant to wear and tear, anti-static and anti-fouling treatment process, not easy to fade.

PVC carpet maintenance

(1)Only need to use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and a special mop to clean it on weekdays.

(2)If there is any spot or stain, you can use general household cleaners, soapy water, etc. to spray directly on the stain, brush it with a nylon brush, wipe the foam with a rag, then wash it with water, and finally wipe it with a rag or mop.

(3) about 3-4 times a year to clean the carpet machine to wheel brush, water and detergent to do deep cleaning, cleaning times according to the use of the condition and colour to decide. After cleaning without waxing, the water can add a little bleach to disinfection and sterilization. Pollen staining and gum can be gently wiped with a wet rag with pine perfume.

(4)Do not use strong chemical and strong acid and alkali solvents, such as toluene, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, industrial alcohol, banana water, etc.

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