Artificial turf fading, chalking, fracturing or shedding
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Artificial turf fading, chalking, fracturing or shedding

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With the development of soccer, artificial turf has been popularized in the world, modern production level makes artificial grass tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-aging, colorfastness, etc. have reached a high level, people enjoy the convenience and superior performance of artificial turf, but also found some problems, the following is to introduce some of the problems of artificial turf easily appear.

l Fading and chalking of artificial turf 

l Grass wire is easy to open, fall off, break or off silk 


Fading and chalking of artificial turf 

The important component of artificial turf is artificial grass wire, and the raw materials of grass wire are mainly polyethylene and polypropylene, manufacturers generally use virgin materials, which are very environmentally friendly and almost the same as mineral water bottles and plastic bags. However, some manufacturers add secondary recycled materials to reduce the cost, making the strength, toughness and anti-aging properties of grass wire greatly reduced, short life, and it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. 

In addition, the grass wire also needs to add a lot of anti-UV agents, anti-aging agents, color coagulants and other formulations, these additives are worth a lot of money. But some manufacturers tend to discount here, add or not add, add how much, add imported or domestic, there is a big gap, that is why some poor quality artificial grass use soon began to fade, and even chalking the main reason. 


Grass wire is easy to fork, fall off, break or delaminate 

The advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf can be tested from two basic aspects, one is time, the second is the temperature. Poor quality grass wire is prone to open fork under prolonged use, and it will fall off for 100 degrees and stick to the body like lint, but of course, the lawn with excellent craftsmanship will be durable and not easy to open fork and fall off. 

And, poor quality artificial lawn in the hot summer sun exposure, the lawn temperature rises rapidly, not only emitting an irritating odor, but grass wire is also easy to break. Therefore, when choosing artificial turf, you need to choose a product that is weather-resistant and does not change the performance of the lawn under extremely high or low temperatures. The durability of the backing is one of the key issues in the quality of artificial turf. 

The problem of stripping may also be caused by the uneven scraping of the backing, immature scraping process or low abrasion resistance of the grass. Especially for young athletes, serious off-wire phenomena can affect health.


Artificial turf laying requirements for the foundation are low, can be on the asphalt, cement construction and short cycle. It is especially suitable for the construction of secondary and elementary school arenas with long training time and high user density. The main products of Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are PVC flooring; carpet tiles; artificial turf. We are a company specializing in the production and sales of environmentally friendly floor covering materials. We insist on the concept of customer first, discovering customer needs and creating value for customers to continuously develop and improve our products.


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