Artificial grass paving construction steps and precautions
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Artificial grass paving construction steps and precautions

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In many countries around the world, the laying and maintenance of natural grass are made more difficult by factors such as different geographical locations, extreme natural conditions and respective economic situations, as well as by the objective fact that a considerable number of natural grass pitches must be covered with a roof and other facilities. And it is under these specific conditions that artificial grass shows its great advantages. The following points can be noted during the installation of artificial grass.

l The construction steps of artificial grass laying

l Artificial grass paving construction process control points and precautions


The construction steps of artificial grass laying

Place the line, find out the center position of the sports field, and set out the standard position of each point and line on the sports field according to that center point. Move the artificial turf into the field and spread it out along the horizontal direction, and advance it from one end of the vertical edge to the other in turn. 

Cut off the white grass line woven on the outside of the artificial turf or cut the specially manufactured white turf as needed and place it in reserve. Cut the green artificial turf at each seam by 2-3 cm and cut it with a paper cutter so that the artificial turf on both sides is as tight as possible. 

Spread the 20-30 cm wide artificial turf seam cloth along the artificial grass seam, if it is wet by rain, need to dry half a day to make it dry, then the artificial turf special glue with rubber scraper evenly scraped on the seaming cloth, and then put the two sides of the artificial turf together, glued with the seaming cloth, if the seam is large, can be separated by 2-5 cm here, stretching to the interface to ensure the appearance of the outside line. 

After the basic splicing of artificial turf is finished, pull the line again to determine the exact location of each function line and point, cut it with the paper cutter, pull out the cut artificial turf, put the seaming cloth into it, scrape the glue, put the original prepared white grass line back, gluing and pressing, it is difficult to draw an arc in narrow areas such as corner ball, the whole corner ball area can be removed, cut into small pieces and put back together piece by piece. When the artificial turf is basically spliced, it will start to fill with quartz sand, rubber particles and bristles.


Artificial grass paving construction process control points and precautions.

We should measure and review the size on site according to the drawings ordered for artificial grass processing. If the actual location of the measurement does not match with the order drawings, the artificial grass paving location should be based on the center of the site to ensure the overall effect of the lawn paving. According to the measurement data, set the position of each delineation point and mark it well to ensure the correctness of the next process. Scribe on the foundation surface according to the positioned points, and review the correctness of the scribing according to the order drawings, and correct the problems immediately if found. The paving joints of the lawn should be glued firmly with waterproof tape, and there should be no defect at the joints, moreover, no height difference is allowed, and if found, the soft bedding layer should be used for local leveling.


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