Artificial grass has several advantages over natural grass
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Artificial grass has several advantages over natural grass

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People usually think that natural grass is better than artificial grass, but in fact, the advantages of artificial grass are obvious, including all-weather, evergreen, durability, environmental protection, and easy installation and maintenance. Artificial grass originated in the United States in 1966, and its remarkable features such as wear-resistance and low maintenance cost are gradually recognized and widely used in rugby, soccer, field hockey, tennis and other sports fields. However, there are two types of turf: artificial turf and natural turf. In the urban environment, they play a role in greening the environment and also have different characteristics. Not all artificial are inferior to natural. For natural grass, artificial grass has the following advantages

Upfront investment

Weather resistance, wear resistance

Elasticity and recovery

Color stability

Use and maintenance

After-sales service

Upfront Investment

The pre-investment of natural grass is bigger than the investment of artificial grass, it needs from pines, transplanting turf, fertilization, water diversion, maintenance, need a lot of human and material resources, if there is a big climate difference or water source problem, that need to involve to do to establish constant temperature project and water diversion project; and artificial grass don't need to consider these problems, just pave the field, have fixed drainage ditch, on the line. The investment is small, it is one-time and needs less manpower and material resources.

Natural grass must be solid soil, and after loosening soil, fertilization and other work, if the foundation is not solid soil, need to carry out the purchase of good soil to lay the ground and other work; and artificial grass is not so troublesome, any foundation can be, there is nothing that can not do the project.

Weather resistance, wear resistance.

Natural grass weather resistance is far different than artificial grass, natural grass needs to provide more comfortable space, regular water application, the temperature difference is not too big, all unfavorable weather will affect the growth of grass; if established water diversion and constant temperature system, although solve this problem, they will have a cost of running; and artificial grass will not be affected by any weather, can maintain the original color and state. Natural grass is very fragile in terms of abrasion resistance, often easy to cause breakage or to death in terms of friction and pressure, while artificial grass is made of fiber material, has good abrasion resistance, and has been tested by experimental data and long-term practical experience, as well as by professional institutions.

Elasticity and recovery.

Compared with natural grass and artificial grass, the mesh structure of the artificial grass surface layer enhances the elasticity and repressiveness of artificial grass, which can overcome the phenomenon that other one-piece grass is easy to "sweep away". It can also disperse the strong pulling force in the fierce movement so that the grass is not easy to break, and the sand in the movement will keep high flatness due to the mesh density of fiber.

Color stability.

Natural grass has limited ability to maintain its original color and luster, and the influence of various factors can directly destroy its color and luster, while artificial grass is a unique polymer, stabilizer and color mixing formula, with better stability and anti-UV.

Use, maintenance.

Then the natural grass, artificial grass can greatly improve the skills of athletes, can reduce the friction of the sole too small, also, therefore, reduce the damage to the grass.

The cost of natural grass in maintenance will be very costly, big project, long time, will be limited to the game and use situation, often to transplant, cultivate, trim, no one trample maintenance of grass, etc., need a lot of human and financial resources; artificial grass basically has no maintenance, just patching sand and so on.

After-sales service.

Natural grass is generally looking for professional people to carry out, the cost is borne by yourself, there is no after-sales service; while artificial grass is sold as a commodity, with a 5-8 years maintenance period, so in the maintenance period of quality problems, there will be suppliers to provide after-sales service, there is no concern! And if the use of the field changes, artificial grass can be moved to the corresponding location very quickly, as other uses or transferring the field, there will be no economic loss; while the properties of natural grass decided it can not have such flexibility and repeated use.

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