About some questions in the asphalt carpet purchase process
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About some questions in the asphalt carpet purchase process

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Asphalt carpet, also known as asphalt square carpet and polypropylene carpet, is one of the chemical fibre carpets. The carpet is made of asphalt at the bottom, which is generally a layer of asphalt plus a non-woven fabric, and gum material bonded and produced. Asphalt carpet has better strength, is lightweight, has superior wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but it is not heat resistant, not light-resistant, easy to age, and difficult to dye. However, customers will have many questions in the process of purchasing, and the most important concerns of customers are as follows.

1. Whether asphalt carpet is toxic?

2. Whether it is necessary to buy asphalt carpets?

Whether asphalt carpet is toxic?

(1) Generally speaking, the normal use of asphalt carpet is non-toxic, although asphalt is a chemical with medium toxicity, generally do not touch, do not eat, do not inhale is not toxic.

(2) When the asphalt is heated at a high temperature, some asphalt smoke is volatile and toxic. But in the room temperature state of asphalt is non-toxic, so the asphalt carpet in long time use and high temperature may hurt health.

(3) In addition to asphalt carpet and non-woven fabric, there are bonding gum, these gums generally contain formaldehyde, if the poor quality of asphalt carpet is produced by bad manufacturers, there will be a large number of gum material, these gum material may contain formaldehyde, will also hurt the human body.

Whether you need to buy asphalt carpets?

The material asphalt carpet bottom is a layer of asphalt plus a layer of non-woven fabric, and the feel of the plastic is different. PVC carpet bottom is the feeling of ordinary plastic. The flexibility of the PVC carpet bottom is better than that of the asphalt bottom, and it has elasticity if folded, but the asphalt bottom will have a cracking feeling once folded. Ground requirements asphalt bottom to the ground requirements are high, requiring the ground to be very flat, otherwise, it is easy to warp and crack. And PVC square carpet is relatively more accommodating. Aesthetics PVC carpet is flatter, straight edge, seamless, not easy to take the line off the hair, asphalt carpet is relatively rough, and the heat resistance of asphalt carpet is worse than PVC. Removal difficulty asphalt sticky universal adhesive removal is difficult, especially tile and water polished ground. The asphalt carpet is more fragile, when there are heavy objects on it, it will leave a mark on the carpet that can not be recovered, so that the surface of the carpet is not smooth. PVC bottom construction is more sophisticated, giving better support to some bulky furniture so that the carpet is not destroyed because its load point is too heavy.

Tai Zhou Champion Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. develops new products that meet the needs of the social market every year based on the results of the actual market survey. The asphalt carpets we produce are environmentally friendly, simple to lay, low cost, easy to transport and store, and of good quality. We can provide customers with relevant certificates, such as CE certification or SGS certification. To ensure the safety of the products, so that customers can buy with confidence.

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