A simple understanding of the basics of square carpet
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A simple understanding of the basics of square carpet

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Square carpet, as the name suggests, is a square, regular carpet with a specific size. Nowadays, square carpet is widely used, for example, square carpet can be used in chairman's office, manager's office, VIP reception room, meeting room, aisle, shopping mall, office building, school, hospital and exhibition hall and other areas with high traffic. You can further understand the square carpet from the following aspects

1. Classification of carpet tiles

2. Various materials of carpet tiles

3. The way of laying carpet tiles

4. How to judge the good and bad of square carpet

5. The characteristics of carpet tiles

Classification of square carpet

From the pattern, it is divided into the jacquard square carpet and plain square carpet; from the surface, it can be divided into nylon square carpet and propylene square carpet; from the back, it can be divided into the soft bottom square carpet, PVC square carpet and asphalt square carpet.

Various materials of tile carpet

Nylon square carpet is soft, good resilience, suitable for dense places, after cleaning the carpet surface as new, the use of long years about five to ten years, some can pass the fire class B1 test, there are many colleagues have used Yorkshire nylon square carpet, has been used for four years, still intact. And polypropylene carpet resilience is weak, hand touch is more prickly, not easy to absorb water, use cycle is short, after cleaning the aesthetics is not good, the use of three to five years, the price and nylon carpet squares compared to the price is low, and polypropylene carpet squares wide range of patterns, the use of more frequent replacement customers.

The paving method of carpet tiles

The other is to use water-based glue, which is environmentally friendly, but high cost, general strength and inconvenient to transport. The third is to use glue paving, environmental protection and tasteless convenient transportation. Each of these square carpet paving methods has its own disadvantages.

How to judge the good and bad of square carpet

The pile weight of the square carpet is about 500-900 grams per square meter, and the weight of high density and thick carpet surface is high. So the weight deviation caused by the carpet surface is easy to distinguish with the naked eye, but in many cases, the carpet surface has the same carpet weight, not the heavier the better.

Features of square carpet

(1).50*50 square carpet is easy to lay, less loss; some corners can be cut open, if the full pavement is not easy to cut, and waste

(2). The surface of the carpet is fibre construction, noise prevention and energy saving, improve work efficiency.

(3) Easy to replace, easy to transport; which piece is dirty to change that piece, no need to change the whole piece, convenient to save money.

(4) the role or benefits of square carpet decoration and landscaping, sound absorption and sound insulation, safety, dustproof, heat preservation, etc.

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