5 kinds of carpet tile paving methods are introduced
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5 kinds of carpet tile paving methods are introduced

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Carpet tile is the same as the surface of the carpet but is actually a PVC sheet made of new decorative materials. It is a fusion of polished tile, mosaic, and art carpet in one, both absorb the carpet colorful pattern modeling, but also in the brick body surface of the flexible glaze and mosaic processing. This new tile's long life, three-dimensional decorative effect is also very good. Easy to install, you can do the installation, the following is a few carpet tile paving

1. Carpet tile paving - horizontal or vertical paving

2. Carpet tile paving - combined paving

3. Carpet tile paving - I-beam paving

4. Carpet tile paving - diamond-shaped oblique paving suitable for small areas of embellishment

5. Carpet tile paving - "herringbone", irregular paving

Carpet tile paving - horizontal or vertical paving

Paving points: pavement in a parallel way to the wall. Carpet tile seams are aligned and do not leave seams, while using the color of the carpet tile close to the hooking agent hooking treatment, looks fresh and neat. Tip: rectangular porcelain carpet tiles laid horizontally or vertically, can make the whole space looks spacious.

Carpet tile paving - combination paving

Paving points: different sizes, styles and colors of porcelain carpet tiles, according to a certain combination of paving. Tip: the combination of paving and supporting products such as bobbin lines, floor patchwork. Porcelain carpet tile with dark lines is generally, mainly used in the ground around or passageway entrance and other places. Floor lines, corner flowers, etc. are processed with porcelain carpet tile ground decorative painting, mainly used in the foyer, coffee table, or dining table below.

Carpet tile paving - I-beam paving

Paving points: I-shaped paving method imitates the way of wood flooring, more for faux wood porcelain carpet tile and a few kinds of porcelain carpet tile paving. Suitable for type: staggered I-shaped, visual sense of staggering, but not too monotonous at the same time, but also to create a dignified atmosphere, calm and heavy effect. Tip: I-shaped tiling method can best weaken the long narrow space to give a sense of oppression, suitable for use in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom.

Carpet tile paving - diamond-shaped oblique paving suitable for small area embellishment

Paving points: and the wall into a 45-degree angle way row of carpet tile paving, this way is relatively expensive carpet tile labor. Can choose and carpet tile body-color close to the hooking agent, you can also choose to have a contrast hooking agent to deal with carpet tile seams, composed of geometric lines crisscrossing, so that the overall effect is more distinct and unified, can bring a strong sense of space three-dimensional. Tip: smaller square porcelain carpet tile diagonal pavement, suitable for small local embellishment, because the use of large areas will give the feeling of trivial, cleaning is also less convenient.

Carpet tile paving - "herringbone", irregular paving

Paving points: two adjacent rectangular porcelain carpet tiles following the 45-degree angle paving, one of the sides of the paving exactly to the middle of the long side of the other, as "human" like the shape of the word. Or use mosaic, pebbles and other paving into a completely irregular shape. Tip: "People" paving is not suitable for large areas in the living room and bedroom paving. Similarly, with mosaic, pebble mosaic cement floor and its varied colors and shapes, can only be used for local embellishment, so usually used for small areas such as balconies or aisles paving.

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